Summer job openings at state's parks

Feb 4, 2013

The state Department of Environmental Management is accepting applications for summer employment. The department is looking for 50 to 100 people for jobs that include lifeguard, parks ranger, and maintenance person.  

Block Island
Credit Kristin Gourlay

DEM parks chief Bob Paquette says pay starts at $7.75 an hour and peaks out at $13.75. "Mostly 18 years old. We have park rangers, maintenance people. We have a variety of different positions."
Paquette says competition will be stiff given the continuing rough economy. "With the tough job market we’re getting a lot of people back that even have their college degrees and using us while they’re looking for jobs.  We have some employees that come back year after year. We have a very good return rate."

Paquette says preferential consideration is given to returning employees. "Yes, as long as they have a good work history with us we give them preference to return every year. It’s good. We don’t have to train them as much. They know what we expect from them. And they know what the public’s expecting of them as well."

Paquette says teachers often return year after year.

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