Sunday Voter Registration Deadline for Central Falls Special Election

Feb 22, 2013

Since James Diossa’s swearing in as Mayor of Central Falls, his former seat on the City Council has sat empty. Steven Corrales is running unopposed for this seat in a special election this March 26th. As Rhode Island Public Radio’s Jehane  Samaha reports, time is running out for Central Falls voters to register.

First-time voters and voters who have changed their names or addresses need to secure their voter registration by this Sunday the 24th, 30 days before the special election. Current Mayor James Diossa vacated his Ward 4 City Council seat in order to replace the disgraced mayor Charles Moreau who resigned last September. The City Hall in Central Falls will be open from 12:30 pm to 4:00 pm this Sunday for last-minute voter registrations. Voter registration forms can also be downloaded from the Secretary of State’s website, so long as they returned by the Sunday 4:00 pm deadline. For Rhode Island Public Radio, I’m Jehane Samaha.

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