Sundlun laid to rest

PROVIDENCE, RI – Former Governor Bruce Sundlun was laid to rest after a funeral service at Temple Beth-El in Providence. A former aide, US Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, called Sundlun one of the most accomplished leaders in Rhode Island history.

A banking crisis that left about 300-thousand Rhode Islanders without access to their savings erupted on the day when Sundlun took office in 1991. Whitehouse says Sundlun's accomplishments include solving that crisis, extending access to healthcare, expanding the airport, and reforming the state workers' compensation system.

"Almost every Rhode Islander, almost every day, is touched by something Bruce Sundlun did," he says. "Through it all, he drove his staff crazy (laughter). He was irrepressible, impatient, imperial, unscriptable, and we loved him.

Whitehouse says Sundlun's staffers loved him because he was willing to throw caution to the wind to do what was right. Sundlun died at his Jamestown home last Thursday at age 91.

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