Superman Building to Remain in Providence Skyline

Mar 27, 2013

A spokesman for the owner of the Bank of America building in Providence says there are no plans to tear down the iconic building.  

The owner of Providence's so-called Superman building says it won't be torn down.
Credit RIPR

Providence Mayor Angel Taveras said in a recent television interview that the 26-story art deco building – popularly known as the Superman building - might have to be leveled now that Bank of America is leaving it.

But Bill Fischer, a spokesman for building owner David Sweetser, says demolition is not on the drawing board.

"Of all the scenarios that are out there the one scenario we are not contemplating is demolishing the building," Fischer says. "It is an icon. I don’t think people understand the scope and scale of that building. We’re talking about 380,000 square feet. We’re talking about literally 10 percent of Providence’s office space right now."

The owner of the Superman building has commissioned an economic impact study to analyze the costs of converting the tower to residential or office space. One of the main problems is that the entire building is on a single heating, ventilation and air conditioning system.