Support for ousted RIPTA head

Jan 30, 2013

The anti urban sprawl group “Grow Smart Rhode Island” is coming to the support of Charles Odimgbe, the man who was ousted as head of the Rhode Island Public Transit Authority.

Charles Odimgbe
Credit Catherine Welch

Scott Wolf, Grow Smart’s director, says Odimgbe was working to make changes in the transit agency and developed some enemies in the process.
"I don’t think he was perfect but I think he was moving the agency in the right direction. I mean if you want to find something to complain about with an individual you always can. All of us have quirks. But I think overall he was doing a good job."
The RIPTA Board of Directors characterizes the employment separation as ‘mutual.’ Odimgbe had been on paid administrative leave for five months for reasons never disclosed. State police are investigating the covering of a video camera inside a room where cash was handled.

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