Suspect Arrested in Boston

Boston, MA – Police are holding a Boston man as part of federal investigations and crackdown on the financial network of Osama bin Laden. Mohamed Hussein was arrested between 9:30 and 10 this morning for operating an illegal money transmitting business without a state license. Hussein is a corporate officer at Baraakat North America, a business located at 925 Washington St. Dorchester.

Hussein was given a preliminary hearing today. He appears to be in his late twenties or early thirties. According to the complaint, two million dollars moved in and out of Baraakat North America between January and September. Much of the money that left the organization's accounts was transferred to an account in the United Arab Emirates. Court documents show Barakaat North America maintains an account in Key Bank in Portland, Maine, the same bank FBI photos show Mohammed Atta withdrawing cash from, just hours before he traveled to Boston to hijack one of the planes that struck the World Trade Center in New York.

The federal complaint also named another man in conjunction with Baraakat, Liban Hussein. However, it is not clear whether police have found or arrested him.