Take Your Dog To Work Day: Mayhem Or Mirth?

Jun 20, 2014
Originally published on August 2, 2014 1:18 pm

Today is “Take Your Dog To Work Day.” Our Here & Now offices were one of many where four-legged friends visited for the day. But does bringing man’s best friend to the workplace increase productivity, or cause chaos?

Beth Stultz of Pet Sitters International joins Robin Young and Jeremy Hobson to talk about the pros and cons of bringing your dog to the office.


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(Laughter) That is Ruby. That's our colleague Tom Ashbrook's Beagle. If she sounds excited it's because today it's national Take Your Dog To Work Day.


Yay. We are loving it - some of our colleagues, not so much.

HOBSON: Yes, and we're going to check in now with Beth Stultz with Pet Sitters International. They started this. Beth, we got an email on how to puppy-proof your workspace, which I know people have been doing. Prepare a doggie bag and remove poisonous plants. But there are some people that want this to be every day of the year - that they say it creates a better workplace.

BETH STULTZ: They certainly do. We find that once businesses participate in Take Your Dog To Work Day, they want to have their pets in the office as much as possible.

YOUNG: Well, but studies do show - there was one in 2012 - that the people who bring their work - their dogs into work are maybe less stressed than those without the dogs. But we are seeing here that that may be that those without the dogs are stressed by those with. We have the fabulous Clementine with us in the studio with Clint - Clint's dog, Clementine. Clementine's been a jewel. Ruby, Tom's dog...

HOBSON: Although maybe just because Clementine had been fed treats for every second that she's been in here. Yes.

YOUNG: But Tom Ashbrook's dog, Ruby, who we also loved, kind of missed Tom when he had to go in to do his show, On Point, and was whining. So how do you handle that are different dogs and people react to them differently?

STULTZ: We offer advice on the website takeyourdog.com. But we always say that pet owners know their pets best. So if you know that your dog may not be the best fit for the office environment, you may want to leave them at home.

YOUNG: Well...

HOBSON: Do you find that a lot of people are a little antsy when the dogs are around?

STULTZ: We find that businesses that participate, even the ones that are apprehensive at first, have such a great time on Take Your Dog To Work Day that they tend to participate year after year.

HOBSON: How many are participating now?

STULTZ: It has grown so much that we can't check the numbers. But we know that we have more than 400,000 visitors to the website every summer to learn how to participate.

YOUNG: Well, look, we are - as you say we are loving it - some of us are going to bring in our dog urns, because our dogs are with us anymore.

HOBSON: Don't listen to that Clementine.

YOUNG: Clementine, that's not going to happen to you.

STULTZ: It will eventually.

YOUNG: Beth Stultz again with Pet Sitters International. They started a take your dog to work day. It's going OK, with some bumps. But thank you.

STULTZ: Thank you. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.