Target Security Breach Doesn't Keep Local Shoppers Away

Dec 24, 2013

Big box store Target announced last week that a security breach exposed the credit and debit card information of some 40 million customers.

But asthe hours ticked down toward Christmas that didn’t keep Ocean state shoppers away.

Target at the Warwick Mall in Rhode Island, just days before Christmas.
Credit John Bender / RIPR

With less than 48 hours to go before Christmas morning, a steady stream of customers moved in and out of the Target store at the Warwick Mall.

Many customers seemed unfazed or unworried by the security breach, and most continued to use their credit and debit cards.

Fred and Helen Butts were among many holiday shoppers.

“I don’t shop with a credit card my wife does,” said Fred Butts.

“And it didn’t affect me, I’m grateful for that, because I have a Target red card,” said Helen Butts.

And you’re not nervous? “No not really."

Yano Waylen had used his credit card, but wasn’t nervous until this reporter asked.

“I didn’t realize, but now you’ve reminded me. I’ve been using my card! Hopefully nothing’s happened,” said Weylan.

Target now says the Department of Justice is currently investigating the massive security breach.

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