Task Force Issues Report to Coastal Cities: Prepare For More Extreme Weather

Aug 20, 2013

A White House panel says coastal communities damaged by Hurricane Sandy should prepare for future storms due to rising sea levels.

The Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding task force has released a list of recommendations to help communities reduce future damage.

The town of Westerly was worried that it would still not be ready for the 2013 summer beach season after Superstorm Sandy.
Credit Flo Jonic / RIPR

The Presidential task force report says that towns and cities near the coastline need to spend money now in order to avoid costly damage later.

That’s because climate change and rising sea levels are increasing the threat of extreme storms.

The report suggests that coastal areas prepare for those storms by updating the electrical grid to a system less likely to be crippled in a crisis; leaving thousands without power or telephone access.

The report also stresses that roads and bridges needs to be built with flood plains in mind.

In Rhode Island, some areas are still cleaning up after the devastating effects of hurricane sandy.

The town of Westerly has received more than a million dollars for rebuilding efforts from the federal government.

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