Taveras and Raimondo Continue Back-and-Forth on Third-Party Spending

Oct 24, 2013

With the Democratic field for governor next year still coming into focus, Providence Mayor Angel Taveras and General Treasurer Gina Raimondo continue to scrap over the issue of third-party spending.

On Thursday, a day after Taveras unveiled his proposal for a "People's Pledge" to squelch super PACs and other forms of third-party spending in next year's primary race, the mayor's campaign organization released a copy of a letter to Raimondo. It calls on her to sign the pledge and reads in part:

"I believe we as Democrats deserve to have a primary consistent with our values. In the Massachusetts Senate race between Elizabeth Warren and Scott Brown, this pledge was highly effective in stopping third-party shadowy outside groups, who can raise and spent unlimited Wall Street money, from taking part in that election."

Friends of Raimondo, the treasurer's campaign organization, responded with a statement about how "Treasurer Raimondo is going to make her decision about a race for governor later this year."

In an apparent reference to Clay Pell, who recently left his federal job and is considering a Democratic run for governor, the statement from Friends of Raimondo spokeman Collin Berglund says, "There is also talk that others may be considering running, so this is a discussion that would be more appropriate later."

The statement continues:

"If the Treasurer becomes a candidate, she is not against considering efforts to keep special interest money out of Rhode Island elections, including pledges to oppose independent expenditures. But as the recipient of outside personal smear attacks for the last several months, Treasurer Raimondo would like to see the Mayor condemn those attacks. If he is sincere, they are exactly the sort of gutter campaigning on his behalf that he should be opposed to."