Taveras Emphasizes Jobs, Collaboration in Economic Plan

Mar 28, 2013

Providence Mayor Angel Taveras released a 20-point plan Wednesday intended to bring more jobs to the capital city. 

Providence Mayor Angel Taveras outlines a series of economic priorities for the city.
Credit Ian Donnis

Taveras also previewed part of a message for a potential run for governor next year.

The five priority actions in the mayor’s plan include creating online permits, making Kennedy Plaza more pedestrian-friendly, and freezing the city’s commercial real estate tax for seven years. Taveras also wants to use tax incentives to redevelop vacant lots and remove barriers to new development. The mayor says there’s a common theme to his proposals.

“The goal that I have is to improve our business climate, to improve our infrastructure, and to invest in human capital in our city," Taveras says. "Those are the areas, the general areas that I think we need to focus on.”

Taveras introduced his plan by saying that collaboration and shared sacrifice helped stabilize city finances in Providence. That could be a message he’ll stump on. Like state Treasurer Gina Raimondo, Taveras is considered a possible gubernatorial candidate in 2014.