Taveras' Field Director Joining High-Profile US House Race in Colorado

Aug 20, 2014

The field director for Angel Taveras' gubernatorial campaign, Whitney Larsen, has left that job to work for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee on one of the nation's most high-profile US House races, RIPR has learned.

Larsen will working on the effort to help elect Democrat Andrew Romanoff, a former speaker of the Colorado House, in his challenge to Republican Representative Mike Coffman. Larsen did not respond to a request for comment.

Her exit from Taveras' campaign was first reported by WPRI.com's Dan McGowan.

The departure of a key staffer in the Rhode Island gubernatorial race with less than three weeks before the September 9 primary is an unusual move (Gina Raimondo's campaign manager, Eric Hyers, re-tweeted tweets about Larsen's exit). It remains unclear why Larsen left at this time.

Politico last year said the battle between Romanoff and Coffman "could be 2014's tightest race."

"Rather than coming down to local issues, strategists say the Coffman-Romanoff fight will be a simple question of numbers: Which party will succeed in driving up turnout? In this way, Colorado’s 6th District is set to become a proxy war for the national Democratic and Republican parties," Politico reported.

Coffman represents Colorado's Sixth congressional district, in the suburbs around Denver. He was first elected to the US House in 2008 and says he's the only veteran of the Iraq war in Colorado's congressional delegation. 

Romanoff was among a series of candidates added by the DCCC to a so-called "jump start" program for top-tier candidates last year. Romanoff aired his first ad against Coffman earlier this month, and the two candidates have clashed in recent debates. The race is considered a toss-up.