Taveras & Raimondo Scrap on Super PAC Spending

Feb 3, 2014

Democratic gubernatorial candidates Angel Taveras and Gina Raimondo are sparring over campaign spending by independent third-party groups.

A Super PAC supporting Raimondo was recently the recipient of a $100K gift.

A Texas hedge fund billionaire, John Arnold, recently gave $100,000 to a super PAC backing Raimondo’s campaign for governor. Taveras’ campaign says if Raimondo wants to keep Wall Street and other special interests out of the race, she should call for the American LeadHERship PAC to return Arnold’s contribution.

The PAC was started by Kate Coyne-McCoy, a Raimondo supporter who lives in Scituate. Super PACs operate independently from campaigns and are not allowed to coordinate activity with candidates.

Raimondo’s campaign responded by calling on Taveras and fellow Democrat Clay Pell to take part in open talks on an agreement to keep third-party spending out of the gubernatorial race. Taveras's campaign says it's willing to participate in an open meeting to discuss the issue.