Taveras Reports $500K+ for Q1; Raimondo Brings in $1.1M+

Apr 24, 2014

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Angel Taveras recorded his best fundraising performance yet by collecting more than $500,000 in the first quarter of 2014, although rival Democrat Gina Raimondo bested that by taking in more than $1.1 million, their campaigns said Thursday.

Taveras' communications director, Dawn Bergantino, said more than three-quarters of Taveras' take for the quarter "came from within Rhode Island."

“We’re proud to announce our most successful fundraising quarter yet,” Bergantino said in a statement. “From Westerly to Woonsocket, people are supporting Angel because of the leadership he’s shown bringing people together to solve tough problems. His story of pulling Providence back from the brink of bankruptcy while investing in education, public safety, and putting people back to work is compelling Rhode Islanders to invest in this campaign.”

The haul by Taveras represents his second consecutive best quarter, although Raimondo's campaign appears to have topped Taveras' fundraising by a 2-to-1 margin in Q1.

In an email from Raimondo sent by her campaign, subject lined "Proof," the treasurer points to different indicators of support for her run, including what she identified as 717 volunteers; "More than $1.1 million raised in the first quarter, including donations from people in every single city and town in Rhode Island"; and a series of endorsements.

There was no immediate detail from fellow Democrat Clay Pell's campaign on his Q1 fundraising.

At the close of Q4, Taveras had a little more than $1 million on hand, while Raimondo had more than $2.5 million. Pell had a balance of about $1.1 million at that point.

Taveras has said he doesn't need to match Raimondo dollar for dollar to run an effective campaign, but requires enough money to get his message out.