Taveras Unveils Plan to Match Unemployed With Job Skills

Mar 11, 2014

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Angel Taveras on Tuesday unveiled a plan to help provide unemployed Rhode Islanders with the skills needed to find jobs. 

Taveras says even though tens of thousands of Rhode Islanders are out of work, Rhode Island lacks a comprehensive job training program. If elected governor, he says he’d implement an initiative so that unemployed residents obtain the right skills through CCRI to get hired.

The Providence mayor detailed his initiative in the parking lot of Hope Global, an advanced textile manufacturer based in Cumberland.

“Employers will work with the community college system to develop an appropriate curriculum for students," Taveras says, "and the training curriculum will be customized in consultation with each individual corporation or with a group of small businesses with similar training needs.”

Taveras proposes incrementally expanding his job training program after launching it with 250 slots in fiscal year 2016, at a cost of $400,000. That would rise to 2000 with a $2.15 million dollar price tag by year four. Taveras says the program could be funded through finding savings in the state budget, and eventually by increased tax revenue as more people return to work.