Taveras Uses First Ad to Emphasize Sacrifice and Opportunity

Jun 4, 2014

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Angel Taveras uses his first television commercial to emphasize family, his own humble beginnings and how hard work and sacrifice can lead to shared improvements.

The spot, entitled "No One Famous," begins with a sweeping view of Rhode Island's capital city as Taveras says, "When I look at Rhode Island, I see challenges, strength and hope. My name is Angel Taveras, and my story is about hope. I'm the son of Dominican immigrants. My mom, divorced and on her own with three kids, worked in factories to raise her family."

"Love of family, education, and hard work -- those are her gifts to me," Taveras continues.

The one-term mayor goes on to describe his rise from Head Start to Harvard and Georgetown Law, adding, "Me, the son of nobody famous, given a chance to build a better life." Taveras says he came to City Hall as Rhode Island was "adrift" and Providence "in need of a new direction." Pointing to how he took a cut in his own salary, Taveras proclaims, "Providence is on the way back."

The ad closes with the candidate saying, "My family, my life and this state are about what's possible. Put the needs of people first and watch what we can achieve. I have big dreams for Rhode Island, because my mother didn't raise her kids to dream small."

Taveras' commercial, of which there is also a Spanish-language version, comes one week after rival Democrat Gina Raimondo unveiled her first ad. Fellow Democrat Clay Pell is expected to on the air shortly.