Tax Hike For Woonsocket Residents

May 23, 2013

A tax hike is on the way for Woonsocket residents. The House has passed a supplemental tax leaving home owners with additional $240 dollars a year 5 year period.  The tax will help close the city’s 17 million dollar budget gap. Woonsocket City Councilman Roger Jalette says he does not support the proposal.

“I’m totally against it; let me say it this way.  50, 60, maybe 70 percent of the people of the city of Woonsocket cannot even afford a one cent tax increase," said Jalett.  "The five year plan that the budget commission is putting together is going to kill a lot of people financially in the city of Woonsocket.”

The House and Senate will work out the differences in their two bills, and the supplemental tax is expected to kick in this summer.

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