T.F. Green Airport Starts Upgrades

Jul 30, 2013

An ambitious four-year plan to upgrade T.F. Green Airport has finally gotten underway. Monday one of the airport’s two runways was shut down to make way for the removal of a hangar.  Next month work begins on a new de-icing fluid treatment plant.

T.F. Green airport in Quonset has begun a four-year upgrade, which will improve the runways.
Credit Catherine Welch / RIPR

Peter Frazer, general counsel to the Rhode Island Airport Corporation, said none of this should inconvenience travelers.

"We do not anticipate any disruption to service at the airport. Our partners, the airlines, have coordinated their schedules long in advance so we we’ll be down to one runway until the beginning of the Thanksgiving holiday, so say mid November. But those schedules have already been worked into the system," said Frazer.

Senator Jack Reed toured the airport yesterday and declared that, quote, “progress is taking off at T.F. Green.”

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