TheEC: 1290AM Heard in Norway

Nov 21, 2013

Longwire antenna used to successfully receive 1290AM in southwestern Norway.
Credit Arild Skalmeraas

We've talked in the past about skywave propagation, but it's cool when you heard about real-world examples of it.   Recently I've gotten several emails from "DX'ers" (Distant Reception enthusiasts) in Europe saying they've been able to hear Latino Public Radio on 1290AM all the way across the Atlantic!   

The geographic position of 1290 just happens to lend itself to being the strongest signal on 1290 in several European locations at night, including Spain and the UK, and especially Finland, Norway and Sweden.   Just today I received an email from a nice gent on the southwestern coast of Norway, using a longwire antenna tuned to 1290AM and aimed right at Providence. 

Yeah, it's only cool to engineers.  But since I am an engineer, it's kinda cool to get an email from someone across the ocean with an MP3 of LPR's programming they recorded all the way over there.