Thousands of RI Latinos May Qualify for Obamacare

Feb 11, 2014

A new analysis out from the US Health and Human Services agency estimates that about 17,000 uninsured Latinos in Rhode Island may qualify for assistance buying a health insurance plan on HealthSource RI or for Medicaid. That's out of RI's total Latino population of about 112,000. Both seem like sizeable numbers for a state of only about a million.

Overall, says HHS, about eight in 10 of the eight million or so eligible uninsured Latinos across the country may qualify for tax credits to buy a health plan through the Obamacare marketplaces or for Medicaid.

So how many have taken advantage and signed up? We don't know the full picture in Rhode Island - HealthSource RI has only released age and gender demographics.

We do know that Latinos are far more likely to be uninsured than whites. The report finds that about 16% of all U.S. citizens are uninsured; among Latinos it's 24%.