Three Confirmed Dead Following Train, Vehicle Collision

Jun 23, 2014

Authorities have confirmed that three people have died as a result of a train collision with a vehicle in Massachusetts.  There were reports earlier of two dead.

Authorities say two men and one woman were killed after a train struck their vehicle late Sunday night.

The Amtrak train was heading north from Washington D.C. when it hit the vehicle in Mansfield; a town about twenty miles between Providence and Boston. Authorities are still investigating what exactly caused the accident.  Craig Schultz, is a spokesman with Amtrak.

"These type of incidents happen far too frequently, they’re traumatic and terrible for everybody involved and we work very hard to make sure these things happen as infrequently as possible,” said Schultz.

A federal agency that keeps track reports there were 250 deadly accidents last year from motorists trying to cross the tracks Crews have cleared the accident and repaired the rail equipment, and trains are running between Providence and Boston, but delays are expected.

Amtrak train station in Providence.

Late Sunday, an Amtrak train heading north from Washington, D.C. struck a vehicle in Mansfield Massachusetts, about 20 miles southwest of Boston.

Authorities say three people in the vehicle, two men and one woman, have died. None of the 180 passengers or crew was injured.

Service between Providence and Boston was canceled earlier this morning. Police and crews cleared the scene and worked to repair damaged rail equipment. 

The temporary track closure affected service at South Station and Back Bay Station as well as the Providence/Stoughton line.

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