Three Men Arrested In Providence Arson Scheme

Dec 12, 2013

Three men have been arrested on charges of participating in an arson-for-hire scheme. 

The three men are charged in federal court with setting fire to an occupied multi-family home in Providence in exchange for a payment of $7,500.  The fire happened in the early hours of November 2nd

According to court documents, the night before the blaze, one of the suspects, Nakele Freeman, was videotaped at a Family Dollar store buying a flashlight and gloves. He then allegedly went to a Benny’s store where he bought a five-gallon gas can and then to a Stop N Shop gas station where he filled it up.

Court documents say a man named Abraham Kerkula drove Freeman to the house to set the fire.  Freeman allegedly set fire to a third floor apartment and drove off with Kerkula still at the wheel. Freeman allegedly told Kerkula that the fire had not gone as planned.

None of the three suspects owns the building. A motive for the crime is unclear.

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