Thundermist, Kent Partner on Family Medicine Residency Program

Jun 11, 2013

Kent Hospital and Thundermist Health Center have teamed up to train new physicians in family medicine and a new kind of health care model called a patient-centered medical home. It's the first community health center-based training of its kind in the state

When medical students graduate, they go on to do a residency program for more on-the-job training. Most residencies take place in hospitals. But that’s changing. This new program will place family medicine residents from Kent Hospital in Warwick’s Thundermist community health center.

There, eight residents will train with Kent family medicine doctors. They’ll care for patients enrolled in Thundermist’s patient-centered medical home. That’s a new model for health care that’s becoming more popular as the Affordable Care Act takes effect. It’s designed to coordinate all of a patient’s primary health care needs. And experts predict we’ll need to train even more primary care and family medicine doctors as more Americans gain health care coverage. Kristin Gourlay, Rhode Island Public Radio.