Tick-borne diseases and the blood supply

Sep 5, 2012

Tomorrow morning (Thurs., Sept. 6) I’ll be joining our Morning Edition host Chuck Hinman to talk about the rising number of transfusion-acquired babesiosis infections.

Testing blood serum samples at Yale’s School of Public Health

Babesiosis is an infection caused by parasites and spread by deer ticks. We’ve been airing stories about its rise on Block Island this week. Tomorrow, I’ll talk to Chuck about what officials are doing to keep the blood supply safe, around 6:40 am and again around 8:30 am. Hope you can listen in!

One more heads up: if you’re up for a ferry ride this Saturday, you’re welcome to join us for a public forum at the Smugglers’ Cover on Block Island from 1 – 2pm. I’ll be moderating, and I’ll be joined by four incredibly knowledgeable and engaging panelists to talk about the threat of tick-borne diseases on Block Island and the latest efforts to address the problem. Even if you’re not a Block Islander, consider coming to learn more about the role of the environment and human behavior in the rise of these kinds of vector-borne diseases.