In Time For Hot Weather, Davey Lopes Pool Reopens

Jun 30, 2014

The Davey Lopes pool reopened in Providence’s Southside today.

The Davey Lopes pool reopened today.
The Davey Lopes pool reopened today.
Credit John Bender / RIPR

Dozens of local officials, city council members, and political candidates were on hand to see the pool reopen after being closed for a year.

Notably absent was Providence Mayor and gubernatorial candidate Angel Taveras, who defended the pool’s initial closure last summer.

State Senator Harold Metts of Providence was a critic of the pool closing, and was influential in its reopening.

“I had to walk form West Elmwood to go swimming because there wasn’t a pool on the West Side at the time, then I moved to South Providence," said Metts. "But in the summertime this was a safe place to keep cool.  This center has such meaning to me. This is just an important place for the community.”

The Davey Lopes pool is in a high-crime neighborhood and residents say the pool helps keep kids out of trouble during the summer.