Tom Brady Continues To Fight Four Game 'Deflategate' Suspension

May 24, 2016

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady
Credit Wikimedia Commons

  New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is looking to go back to court as he continues to fight a four-game suspension over the deflation of footballs in a 2014 playoff game.

Lawyers for Brady are asking all 13 judges of the federal appeals court to re-consider a ruling issued by three of its judges last month.

That ruling said the NFL union contract permitted NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to make the final determination about Brady’s status when he went to arbitration.

The Brady legal team argues the judges failed to consider that in up-holding the suspension, Goodell used a different rationale that was applied when the n-f-l first reviewed the case a year ago.

While there's no time-table, Brady's lawyer says he does not expect this appeal to be lengthy. Brady's scheduled to begin serving his suspension when the Patriots open the season on September 11th.

Editor's note: A previous version of this article incorrectly said Brady faced a six-game suspension. It is four games.