Town Council President: Central Coventry Voters Need More Information

Apr 30, 2013

For several months we’ve been hearing news about the cash-strapped Central Coventry Fire District, fighting to stay open during liquidation. 

Gary Cote, President of the Coventry Town Council, weighs in on the financial challenges faced by the Central Coventry Fire District.
Credit John Bender/RIPR

These financial woes seem like a case study for the challenges many cities and towns face, as they try to provide services through a patchwork of municipal agencies.

The Town Council has loaned the district $300,000 to stay open for a few more weeks.  The debate surrounding the fire district is complicated, so we sat down with Gary Cote, President of the Coventry Town Council, to get the details.  

The conversation continues.  Hear more from Coventry Town Council President Gary Cote: