Traffic Changes Coming To Downtown Providence

Dec 22, 2014

Drivers in downtown Providence should take caution this week.  The city is two-way traffic on roads that used to be one-way. 

Exchange Terrace, will now accommodate two-way traffic.

A stretch of Exchange Terrace will be the first street to switch over for two-way traffic.  The street runs parallel to the Kennedy Plaza Bus hub in the heart of downtown.  The change is part of a larger project, as the bus hub is set to reopen following a major overhaul.  City Planner Robert Azar said the goal is make it easier to get around downtown.  “We also want to encourage people not just to travel through downtown, but also to stay in downtown.  So the two-way streets increase the ability for people to find their way around downtown,” said Azar.

He added that the changes will make the streets safer. “Two-way streets make it a little bit safer for pedestrians, because when you have traffic moving in 2 different directions you don’t have such rapid traffic flow,” said Azar.

Extra traffic patrolmen will be on duty to help facilitate the change.  Several other streets are set to go two-way in the coming weeks and months.

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