Train Detained in Providence As Part of Investigation

An Amtrak train on its way to Washington from Boston was detained in Providence in conjunction with the FBI investigation into yesterday's terrorist attacks.Providence Police Chief Richard Sullivan says four men were removed from the train and questioned. Some witnesses say they saw six men removed.

Sullivan says about 40 police officers stopped the train after reports from Amtrak and Boston police of suspicious individuals on board.

The men did not turn out to meet the profile of those being sought. One was arrested on state weapons charges for illegal possession of a knife. But the chief says there is no reason to believe any of them are connected to the terror attacks or to today's raid in Boston.

The three other men who were questioned got back on the train and continued their trip.

Amtrak passengers waited on the platform as their train was searched and detained at the station for several hours. At the same time, a northbound train heading to Boston was held at the station for about an hour and a half, but passengers remained on board and that train was not searched.