Trains getting ready to roll into Warwick

Providence, R.I. – Governor Don Carcieri has signed an agreement with the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority to provide commuter rail service to T.F. Green Airport.

The service will provide people who commute to Providence and Boston with an alternative to the car.

Michael Lewis, director of the state transportation department, says the service will begin sometime between Thanksgiving and New Year Day.

"This fall trains will begin running on the track right behind us because of our ability to sign this agreement today," Lewis says." The MBTA will extend their service which currently terminates in Providence right down here to the beautiful new intermodal facility and about a year from now it will extend further another ten miles to the south to the Wickford Junction station which is under construction as we speak."

Initially the train will stop at the airport six times a day. When the Wickford Junction stop is added it will increase to ten stops a day.

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