Treasurer Raimondo rolls out report on her accomplishments

Jan 28, 2013

State treasurer Gina Raimondo has come out with a report documenting her first two years in office.

Raimondo says her biggest accomplishment in her first two years of office was passage of a pension overhaul package for state workers.  While it shaved benefits, it guarantees pensions will be available for generations to come and saves taxpayers about four billion dollars over the next 20 years.

Raimondo also reports eliminating a backlog of 900 claims to the Crime Victim Compensation Program. Some of the claims dated back three or four years.

“So the kind of thing the compensation goes toward is funeral expenses. It can go toward crime scene cleanup,” says Raimondo. “It can go towards counseling services if you’re the victim of a violent crime. So this is real money.”

The Crime Victim’s Compensation Program is funded through state and federal programs. Last year it paid out claims totaling $2 million to 422 families who had been victimized by crime.

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