The Trick of Putting on Two Plays at Once

Jun 13, 2013

Phyllis Kay and Fred Sullivan, Jr. , Barbara Meek and Anne Scurria in House & Garden by Alan Ayckbourn.
Credit Mark Turek / Trinity Rep

At Trinity Rep these nights 14 professional actors and half as many kids are romping and stomping, racing and rushing from the upstairs Chace Theater to the downstairs Dowling Theater. And this is no exercise program. It’s actually the simultaneous performance of two separate plays by a single cast.

They fly from one play to another, changing costumes and characters all night long.

The plays are a pair of comedies-with-a-point by British author Alan Ayckbourn and they, well, why don’t we have a real pro talk about all that. Here is a leading Trinity Rep actor, Fred Sullivan Jr., a veteran of no less than 110 productions at Trinity.

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