Tufts Health Plan requests rate increase

Providence, RI – When new requirements under the nation's health care overhaul took place last month, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island and United Health care asked for a rate increase to help pay for the changes. Now, Tufts Health Plan wants members to pay a little more too.

Tufts says it needs to increase its rates by about two percent to pay for three of the new health overhaul requirements. The company says the biggest cost comes from keeping children on their parent's health insurance until they turn 26. It hopes to increase rates for by about 1 percent to pay for that change.

Tufts is also requesting a point seven percent increase to pay for offering some preventative services for free and removing some lifetime and annual caps.

It's up to Rhode Island's health insurance commissioner Chris Koller to approve or reject these requests.

Last month, Koller approved increases that averaged between .6 and 2.25 for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island and United Health Care of New England.

Review the request
Take a look at the Tufts rate request here

More background
Read an explanation from the Health Insurance Commissioner here

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