Turbines may spin by end of summer

PROVIDENCE, RI – The wind turbines at Field's Point continue to stand like statutes. But crews are working to have them spinning by the end of the summer.

The project is about 87-percent complete right now. Or so says the Narragansett Bay Commission. It operates the Field's Point Wastewater Treatment Facility. And it's come under scrutiny for the giant, inert white blades looming over the bay.

But as the Commission's Director of Planning, Policy and Regulation, Tom Uva, says patience is key. "It's kind of like building a house. And you put the walls up and you can't wait to move in but you don't have your certificate of occupancy because you don't have toilets installed and you don't have the wiring in the house run so it's that same type of situation."

Uva says wrapping up the turbine project couldn't come soon enough, "No one wants to see them spin more than we do, the people, the employees at the bay commission. We are really psyched about this project."

Uva says crews are currently snaking wires underground that will connect the three turbines to the grid. He says the commission hopes to run the first tests of the turbines in early September.

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