Two die in boat crash in Narragansett Bay

Providence, R.I. – A boat crash in Narragansett Bay has killed two people and injured three. The two victims, 23-year-old women, have not yet been identified.

It was close to two o'clock Sunday morning when the Coast Guard received a mayday call from a 24-foot Sea Ray. The boat had crashed into a rock outcropping near Prudence Bay called, appropriately, "Despair Island." The Coast Guard dispatched a 45 foot response boat.

On arrival, the found the SeaRay overturned and five people injured, including two who weren't breathing. Those two were subsequently pronounced dead, according to the Coast Guard 's Lt. Daniel Ross. Several local fire departments were called to assist, including North Kingstown's, says North Kingstown deputy chief Walter Burrows.

The Department of Environmental Management is leading the investigation. DEM officials referred all calls for comment to the attorney general's office, which was closed Sunday.