Undercover cop leads to high school drug arrests

Providence, RI – Eight West Warwick High School students have been arrested on marijuana dealing charges. And for one young police officer, it was an assignment she'll long remember.

Earlier this year, with rumors of drug dealing swirling around West Warwick High School, superintendent Kenneth Sheehan authorized a police sting operation. A rookie officer - a young woman in her 20's - registered as a student, went to classes, took notes, even endured detention. Along the way she also got eight kids to sell her pot. West Warwick police Sergeant Scott Amaral says it was her first assignment and she did a great job."It's unheard of," Amaral said. "I've been a police officer 16 years and I've never heard of a police officer going undercover as a student."

Four of the eight students are 18 and so face up to 20 years in prison. The other four are juveniles. They'll be handled in juvenile court which can only detain them until their 21st birthday.

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