UPDATE: At This Time Police Do Not Believe Missing Pawtucket Woman Was Abducted

Oct 15, 2013

Pawtucket police say there is no reason to believe a missing, pregnant woman has been abducted.  Relatives of 21-year-old Luisa Pena have expressed concern that she was kidnapped by men she had accused of sexual assault. But Pawtucket police spokesman Major Arthur Martins says there is no evidence of that.

Pena vanished last Wednesday from her aunt’s home in Pawtucket. Relatives say she has the mind of a ten-year-old, has difficulty expressing herself and can’t drive.

Anyone with information as to her whereabouts is urged to contact Pawtucket police or their local police department.

The family of a missing, developmentally disabled, pregnant Pawtucket woman is appealing to the public for help in finding her.  Luisa Pena  was last seen on Wednesday at her aunt’s home in Pawtucket.

Mother of missing woman, Luisa Pena is consoled by friends.
Credit Flo Jonic / RIPR

Friends and relatives fear 21-year-old Luisa Pena has been abducted. The day before she vanished she reported to police that she had been sexually assaulted  several weeks earlier. Family friend Iraida Williams fears Pena may have told people she was talking to police and her assailants returned to silence her.

"Our major concern is that she’s in danger. That she has been probably taken away by the two guys who assaulted her and so that’s our biggest fear because she doesn’t know any better," said Williams.

Missing woman Luisa Pena
Credit Susan Vollucci

Williams says Pena has the mind of a ten year old and has great difficulty making herself understood. Pawtucket police say there was a possible sighting of Pena Sunday in Providence but it didn’t pan out. A Central Falls High School teacher who was among the last to speak to Pena fears she was taken off by a man she met at the Pawtucket bus station.

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