At URI, ban makes Four Loko more appealing

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Students at the University of Rhode Island say a ban on alcoholic energy drinks is only increasing demand for the beverages. Some health experts have warned that use of the drinks can lead to excessive alcohol consumption.

Critics call drinks like the popular brand Four Loko "blackout-in-a-can" because they mix caffeine with a high volume of alcohol. The University of Rhode Island is one of several schools that banned the drinks this year. URI student president David Coates says he would like more information about what's in these beverages.

"We actually have a professor on campus who has offered to run a chemical analysis on the product for us but we can't bring it on campus," Coates says. "But we'd really like to know mor. I mean there should be a lot more continued education on the subject because it's definitely become more popular now that it is banned."

Coates says all the media attention has only increased the cachet of alcoholic energy drinks for students. He says he tried Four Loko once but did not like the taste.

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