URI: At No Time Was There a Gun or Active Shooter on Campus

Apr 4, 2013

Rhode Island State Police say there is no evidence of an active shooter on the University of Rhode Island campus. The Kingston campus went on lockdown just before noon after reports of a gunman in Chafee Hall.

State Police Col. Steven O’Donnell says there are no reports of shots fired. “There’s no evidence to support there was an active shooter," said O'Donnell, "somebody thought they saw someone with a gun.”

In an update on it's website, URI said the Kingston campus lockdown ended at 2:15pm. The university said an investigation revealed that, "at no time was there a gun or an active shooter on the campus." Classes have resumed for Thursday and the school will be on a normal schedule for Friday.

Holly Rehm was in a physiology class in the big lecture hall inside Chafee Hall. She says she thought she heard someone scream “get out get out” and then everyone started running for the door.

“Everybody started running down and saying he had a gun, or something like that. I don’t know, all I know is that we all just ran out, it was really fast and we all just left our stuff,” said Rehm.

Rehm said she did not hear a gun shot.

URI spokeswoman Linda Acciardo said the university is working with state and local law enforcement to investigate the report.  Just before noon, the university instructed students and faculty to stay indoors and avoid moving around the campus.

"We are instructing members of the community to secure themselves indoors, to stay there and to not move about until further notice," Acciardo said.

Chafee Hall is a multi-story building located near the back of the URI campus. It houses the university's College of Arts and Sciences.