URI Prof. Designing DIY Clothing Line for Space Travelers

Jun 11, 2013

A Rhode Island clothing and textile designer is looking to send his creations out of this world.  Karl Aspelund, a design professor at URI, is researching the apparel needs for travelers inspired by the 100 Year Starship Initiative. That’s a joint Defense Department and NASA mission to encourage travel outside our solar system. 

The goal of the project is to create a self-sufficient space community that can produce their own clothing.  With the help of three graduate students, Aspelund will cover the ecological, cultural and artistic details incorporated into the designs.  He said if a space community can function independently, earthlings are sure to do the same.

“You’re dealing with energy use, water use, materials, resources, recycling, reparability,” said Aspelund.  “Not just that, but the culture and then attitude.  So now you’ve got a system that will work in a larger community or a 1,500 person village somewhere in the interior of Africa, Asia or anywhere.”

Aspelund said by taking humans out of our solar system, the research and knowledge we obtain will benefit humans in all corners of the earth.

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