URI Reviewing Student Conduct During Riot; Expulsions Possible

May 8, 2014

University of Rhode Island officials are reviewing police records of 20 students involved in a house party gone bad last weekend in Narragansett. URI vice president for student affairs Tom Dougan says police issued citations and made arrests for everything from launching beer bottles to destroying property and underage drinking.

URI officials say students involved in a massive party off-campus, could still face disciplinary action from the school.

Now, Dougan says the university will consider a range of sanctions in each student’s case.

“Our usual sanctions are reprimand to expulsion, so potentially 20. But realistically it’ll be less than that, depending on the seriousness of the situation, and also, another significant factor, is do any of these students have a previous conduct record.”

But Dougan says the university will take the strongest action against any student who put another’s health and safety at risk. He says up to a thousand students went to the three-day Cinco de Mayo party that many say turned into a riot.