URI Student Senate looking for a rematch on sticker policy

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – The University of Rhode Island Student Senate says it's looking to file a new lawsuit over the town of Narragansett's sticker ordinance.

A federal court has ruled the Town of Narragansett's sticker policy constitutional, allowing police to continue placing orange stickers on the doors of homes that violate the town's noise ordinance.

URI Student Senate President David Coates says he hopes a student who wrongly receives a sticker will come forward and file a new lawsuit.

"I know people personally that have most certainly received a sticker wrongly and they have not necessarily been in a position or had the desire to pursue it in a court of law," Coates says.

Noise is a problem in neighborhoods with large populations of students renting homes off-campus. But Coates says summer renters also make noise, but they aren't targeted by police. Narragansett Town Manager Grady Miller says that's not true.

"We don't have nearly the number of complaints from residents who live near some of the summer rental homes," says Miller. "The complaints that we have are very few and they typically don't involve the same nature."

URI has said that it's working with both students and the town to curb the noise issue.

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