URI Student Sues Over Medical Marijuana Discrimination

Nov 12, 2014

A University of Rhode Island student has sued a Rhode Island textile company for denying her an internship. The suit claims discrimination based on the student’s status as a medical marijuana cardholder.

The complaint alleges that Darlington Fabrics in Westerly decided not to offer URI student Christine Callaghan an internship only after the company found out she was a medical marijuana user. In a court filing, the Rhode Island ACLU alleges that Callaghan qualifies as having a disability under state law because she suffers from migraines, the very condition for which she enrolled in the state’s medical marijuana program.

The ACLU claims Callaghan disclosed her condition and her participation in the state’s medical marijuana program to Darlington Fabrics when she was interviewing for the internship. And they say denying her employment based on that participation is discriminatory.

Darlington Fabrics declined to comment but said in a statement the company is confident it acted in accordance with the law.

Callaghan is seeking payment for damages.

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