VA Audit: Providence VA Has Some Of Longest Wait Times

Jun 9, 2014

An audit released by the VA finds patients at the Providence VA Medical Center have some of the longest average waits in the nation to receive primary care. The Providence VA said that’s due to staff who retired and an increase in patients at its clinic in Hyannis, MA.

Providence VA hospital has some of the nation's longest wait times.
Credit RIPR

New patients receiving their first primary care appointments waited an average of about 74 days, according to the VA audit. Only seven other facilities across the country had longer waits.

VA spokeswoman Leslie Pierson said they’ve known for a while that wait times for primary care has been a struggle. “Particularly in one of our clinics in Hyannis, we’ve had a significant wait time there and earlier this year we began to recruit for an additional PACT team.”

A PACT Team is comprised of a physician, a nurse, a technician and a clerk. Pierson says one team can take on 1,200 patients.

Pierson said patients who faced a wait of more than 90 days will see the doctor before the end of the month.

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