Valentine's Day keeping floral shops busy

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – While Sunday was a day of rest for most of us, it was just the opposite for florists. Valentine's Day is one of the busiest - if not the busiest - day of the year for the floral trade.

At Floral Symphony in Bristol, the staff calls it "Valoween." Owner Deb Metaxas explains why.

"Because it's a nightmare," she says. "It happens to be a mostly gentleman holiday so that gentlemen are always last minute. They come in at the very end. They don't know what they want. And then they all want it there by noontime Valentine's Day."

Normally, Floral Symphony is closed on Sundays. But yesterday a staff twice as big as usual worked an 18 hour day. The most popular flower: The rose. The most popular color: red.

Metaxas will use roughly 3,000 roses for the day celebrating love. But because of inflated holiday prices and the need to hire temporary workers, she says it's not the big money maker you'd expect.

"It pretty much ends up being a wash," she says. "You don't lose money on it but every other holiday you end up making money. You don't on Valentine's Day."

The National Retail Federation says the average consumer will shell out $116 dollars on Valentine's Day gifts.

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