Volunteers clean up before Earth Day

Providence, RI – This coming Friday marks Earth Day - a time to promote conservation and heighten awareness about our fragile environment. A number of cleanups have been held already.

While many Rhode Islanders were at church, a few dozen volunteers were tramping through muddy water to clean up the banks of the Pawtuxet River in Warwick. Tammy Kenyon of Scituate said it was her third environmental cleanup of the year.

"It's tough. You know, to try to get a tire that's waterlogged and soaked in muck," she said. "It's tiring work but it's incredibly rewarding."

The clean up area was a five acre site the city of Warwick would like to develop into trails. Last year's floods left it loaded with debris. Volunteers removed two dumpsters worth of trash. The strong hauled large wooden pallets and tires out of the woods.

The less strong concentrated on removing plastic bags from trees.

Rita Holahan of the Pawtuxet River Authority says they found everything but the proverbial kitchen sink. She said, "we're very hopeful that the city's going to be pleased and these woods will be picked clean and ready for them to start working on their trail later this year."

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