Votes Tallied, Both Sides Back in Pension Settlement Mediation

Apr 7, 2014

Thousands of public employees and retirees who are plaintiffs in the lawsuit over the state’s pension overhaul have voted to approve changes made in mediation. Of the 23,624 individuals eligible to cast a ballot, roughly 70 percent did not vote against it. 

Both sides in the lawsuit over the state's pension overhaul were ordered to return to mediation on Monday.
Credit file / RIPR

The settlement agreement stated that if one of the six plaintiffs groups rejected the deal by more than half, then the settlement process ends. One group, police, rejected the deal by 61 percent. But spokesman for the plaintiffs’ Ray Sullivan, said this will not halt the process.

“My understanding is that because only one group, and it was the smallest group representing less than 2 percent of eligible members, voted to reject the settlement, then the judge directed both parties to see if a settlement could still be reached,” said Sullivan.

Sullivan said both sides return to mediation this afternoon and will report back to Superior Court Judge Sarah Taft Carter on Monday.

Unaudited Results of the Six Groups Voting:

Teachers: 7,442 eligible, 2,320 ballots received: 31% vote to reject

Retirees: 6,840 eligible, 1,810 ballots received: 26% vote to reject

State: 5,045 eligible,1,697 ballots received: 34% vote to reject

Municipal: 3,261 eligible, 504 ballots received: 15% vote to reject

Fire: 619 eligible, 170 ballots received: 27% vote to reject

Police: 417 eligible, 254 ballots received: 61% vote to reject

Source: Ray Sullivan, spokesman for plaintiffs

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