Waiting to hear whether Supreme Court will hear RI request

Jan 11, 2013

(PROVIDENCE, RI) Attorneys for accused killer Jason Pleau  are hopeful that Friday is the day they will hear that the US Supreme Court will take their case. Pleau  is the subject of a debate as to whether Rhode Island has the right to refuse to hand him over to federal authorities. The legal wrangling centers on an agreement between states and the federal government when it comes to transporting detainees.

United States Supreme Court
Credit Mike Renlund via Flickr

Jeff Fisher is one of the attorneys in the case. He says from the state’s perspective the case isn’t just about this agreement, but all agreements between states and the federal government.
“And the question really is, does the federal government have the ability to enter into a compact and obtain its benefits but then ignore its duties when states try to enforce their side of the bargain.”

Pleau is accused of gunning down a gas station manager back in 2010. The state wanted to keep him out of federal custody because of the potential for the death penalty. An appeals court has ordered him into federal custody.  

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