Wake up to Brendan Doherty in his own words on RIPR

Sep 13, 2012

Republican CD1 candidate Brendan Doherty joined us for a taping this morning of RIPR’s Political Roundtable (airing Friday at 5:40 and 7:40 am) and Bonus Q+A (airing Friday at 6:40 and 8:40). Some highlights from his comments and messaging:

Asked to cite a Republican who has been effective in Congress while bucking the party leadership, Doherty north, citing an obvious, if rather atypical senator.

“I’m very close with Scott Brown in Massachusetts. We used to play basketball together, and I’ve taken a lot of tips from Scott as to how to comport yourself in Congress as a Republican in what’s known as a blue state.”

– “I’m not running as a social crusader; I’m running to help effectuate change and bring jobs to Rhode Island. This race is about the economy and it’s about trust — who do you trust more?”

– Doherty declined to comment when asked whether Mitt Romney was right to criticize President Obama’s handling of the attacks on US personnel in Libya and Egypt.

“I spent my career keeping Rhode Island safe, and when I get to Washinton, I will do just that — keep America safe.”

– Asked what he’ll say to Rhode Islanders voting for President Obama in November, Doherty said in part, “I am one that can sit down and talk to anyone, work out any solution to any problem. I am conservative, but I’m an American first.

We talk about much more, including Paul Ryan, Medicare, jobs, and whether Doherty or David Cicilline best represents the views of Rhode Islanders.

We’re working to have Cicilline join us next week.