Wampanoag draw attention to plight of aboriginal Canadians

Jan 9, 2013

RI Wampanoags protest in solidarity with Canadian Aboriginals
Credit Flo Jonic

(PROVIDENCE, RI) Members of the Wampanoag Tribe gathered at Kennedy Plaza Tuesday to protest in solidarity with the indigenous people of Canada.

About 50 Wampanoags did a circle dance in front of Providence City Hall to show their support for Theresa Spence and her people.  She’s chief of Canada’s Attawapiskat tribe and has been on a hunger strike since December 11th over the Canadian government’s history of broken treaties.

Lisa Reels of Providence, a member of the Wampanoag tribe, says she joined the “Idle No More” movement because the plight of aboriginal Canadians is so similar to the native Americans of the United States.

"We’re protesting the way that they’re treated as far as the environment. They care about the environment and we’re fighting for the environment for the next seven generations. We’re also protesting the broken treaties that the native people are suffering."

Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper is scheduled to meet with the hunger striking  Canadian woman this Friday.

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